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Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to project management and navigate the complexities of professional services with confidence?

Master Project Management in Professional Services


Don’t just manage projects; lead a transformative movement in your organization with proven strategies at your fingertips

What People Are Saying About The Book

This book provides a great insight into the principles of project management for professional services. The book blends project management theory with practical insights and personal anecdotes, making the complex concepts more digestible. A great book offering useful advice and practical strategies with a refreshing perspective on project management for professional services

Kristoffer Mahrt

Mike Haile

Entrepreneur and Project Manager. Author, Project Management for Professional Services


I am an entrepreneur who’s handy with project management -mainly
because I’ve been doing it for nearly a quarter of a century! I have worked on
projects ranging from a few hundred dollars to multimillion corporate integration
projects like WPP’s acquisition of TNS (generating a cool £60 million in annual

I’m also a bit of a nomad, soaking up life on four
continents. That’s given me a kaleidoscope of perspectives that I pour into
every project and handshake.

I’m a family man first—married with two boys who share my
love for trotting the globe. That itch to explore never fades, and it’s what
drives my thirst to learn and connect more dots on the world map.

Education was my first serious relationship—I studied as a Chartered Accountant title, did the PMP exams, and I still have an insatiable appetite to keep learning. I cut my teeth as an Implementation Consultant, playing matchmaker between ERP systems and organizations that needed them.

Then there’s my entrepreneurial streak—Haile Solutions and
Agency Soft are my babies. One’s all about business consulting for the pros,
and the other’s a software whiz kid, both aimed at making projects and
resources work smarter, not harder.

Now, I’m taking a crack at being an author with a book that’s all about project management. It’s not just any book—it’s the story of my professional adventures, packed with everything I know about streamlining businesses, embracing change, and helping organizations play their A-game. I’m still on the quest, chasing efficiency and the next big ‘aha!’ moment. And that’s me—always a student, sometimes a teacher, and ever the professional with a smile.

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